8 Steps Book

8 Steps to Health & Vitality is an exciting new book scheduled to be release to the public around Christmas of 2013, written to share the truth about nutrition, fitness and overall health. Not everything you read or hear about health these days is true. There is an agenda behind much of what you are told. You’ll learn the truth about many health and healing concepts on our 8 Steps to health radio show,and in the new book “8 Steps to Health & Vitality!

8 Steps Radio Show

Over the years I have amassed a great amount of knowledge in the areas of nutrition, fitness and health. I have been working diligently to write a book that encompasses many of the latest theories of wellness and healing. Along the way I have met many healthcare professionals who have enlightened me on many subjects of medicine and health. So why not share this information on a radio show that can be available to everyone? Join me Thursdays at 7pm central to learn more about your health!

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