The Author

As a former racer, athlete, personal trainer and nutritionist, Alan knows about fitness, health, and nutrition. Having worked with doctors as a Therapist and Low Level Laser Therapy Trainer, Alan has learned a lot about doctors, their methods of diagnoses, and the difference between conventional and alternative care physicians. His dedication to the training and success of racers and other athletes over a period of many years lends credibility to his passion for helping others. But more important is Alan’s diligent self-study habits that span decades as an athlete, a racer, and a humanitarian.

In Alan’s first book “Race to Win!” he was hailed by publishers for his knowledge of nutrition, diet, and fitness. Publishers asked why he was wasting time and effort writing books for racing when they felt he could have been selling millions of copies of a book encompassing his knowledge of health-related subjects. What they didn’t know was that Alan was already outlining “8 Steps to Health & Vitality”, a book he would take years to write to ensure accuracy of the knowledge he’d gained over his career, and his studies of the latest facts within the health and health care industries.

As a published author of self-help books, Alan’s goals for life include the improvement of the lives of others first and foremost. His dedication to his passion of saving lives shines bright through his invention of Project Safety, an automated Personal Safety system that clearly surpasses all others. Alan is all about serving the people of America, just as he did as a veteran.

Alan recently started his own radio show to showcase the subjects he knows best, while gathering further knowledge of these subjects for his listeners through guest speakers that include doctors, therapists, and nutritionists. Alan has a lot of wisdom to share, and every intention of sharing his wisdom to enhance the lives of others.

If you want to learn the latest facts about diet, nutrition, fitness and healing, tune in every Thursday at 7PM central, and remember to pick up his ground breaking book “8 Steps to Health & Vitality” that will hit the book stores in Christmas of 2013.