In our quest to bring you the latest health and wellness information, we will be taking on sponsors to help us support this mission. These sponsors, however, will be sponsors that support our mission of bringing you and your family lasting health, wellness, and safety.

Project Safety

A part of my mission is to support the lives of others through safety. And thanks to Project Safety, I am doing just that. Project Safety is a ground breaking personal safety technology that has no equal. The patented process is easy to use and effective at allowing members a proactive and reactive solution to personal safety. Help protect the lives of those friends and family members who count on you for the best. I am blessed to share this great service with my readers and listeners.


Part of leading a healthy lifestyle is eating right and supplementing with whole food supplements that are designed with nutrient synergy in mind. Another part of that picture is finding supplements that are made of the highest quality ingredients and are processed using methods that do not denature the product. Mannatech is one such product. And though I am a spokesperson for Mannatech as a member of Team Mannatech, I don’t profit from the sales of Mannatech products. Visit Mannatech’s site and start using the best!